SWAISH  Consultancy Services

I established Swaish in 2014 to provide the Traffic Technology Industry with expert and focused Consultancy Services.

I worked in the Traffic Technology and Control Industry for 30 years with the Highways Agency and its predecessors. I have much experience in acceptance and approval including functional certification against specification, approval testing including EMC and environmental and live trials both on and off road.

I was a PRINCE II Practitioner, which I never allowed to get in the way of sound project management. When I realised my fees would no longer be paid for me I retired as a member of the IET.

Professional Experience - Please see the section of the site covering this subject.

Professional Representation - I was an active member of the BSi 509-11 Committee for Road Variable message traffic signs. Through this I was involved in ensuring the European Standard (EN 12966) reflected the requirements of the United Kingdom. I have also presented papers at the ITS Enforcement Interest Group.
I have contributed to the Design Manual For Roads And Bridges and TSRGD (The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions).

In my spare time I enjoy walking the dog and doing whatever Mrs W tells me to do.